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    green Comics

  1. Dog on a leash is walking down the sidewalk, encounters patch of grass, starts to eat grass and gets scolded by his owner


  2. Albert Einstein, Martin Luther King and Oprah Winfrey standing next to an outlandishly dressed fashion model walking down the runway


  3. First panel features a confused mountain lion in a field looking down at a possum lying on it's back. Second panel features a mountain lion looking at chameleon in camouflage. Last panel features a mountain lion looking at the upper half of a corgi dog poking out of the grass.


  4. A stunned teenager holding a bong sits between two friends rolling their tongues. A thought balloon above the stoned teen depicts a rolled up tongue followed by an equal sign followed by a book titled "Self-Cannibalism 101."


  5. ostrich looking up towards the sky where a man wearing a cape is flying with a flock of birds