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    multi-panel Comics

  1. First panel features a confused mountain lion in a field looking down at a possum lying on it's back. Second panel features a mountain lion looking at chameleon in camouflage. Last panel features a mountain lion looking at the upper half of a corgi dog poking out of the grass.


  2. A series of three biker silhouettes. The first biker has his left arm pointed towards the ground, the second his right arm pointing to the right, the third doing both gestures simultaneously without touching the handlebar.


  3. The back of a board game box called "Chemistry Crisis" featuring a photo of three kids laughing and sitting around a game board. Below the box is a picture labeled "Original Photo" featuring the kids in the same pose melting an action figure with a magnifying glass.


  4. Three panels featuring a man placing a key under a doormat, a man leaving a key in a car door and a man shugging while looking at a vacant parking space.


  5. First panel features silhouette of family walking through nature, dad has a baby strapped to his chest. Second panel features silhouette of a mother bear chasing a man with a bear cub strapped to his chest.