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    orange Comics

  1. Disheveled hitchhiker holds a sign that reads "Stranded, no family or support, need ride to Carlsbad". Meanwhile six people riding Segways zoom past the sad soul on the shoulder.


  2. Man in a uniform sleeping in a bed. He's mumbling "nooooo... ...not the 'stache... ...anything but the 'stache..."


  3. man wincing at another man who's wearing a kilt and bouncing above him on a trampoline


  4. First panel features silhouette of family walking through nature, dad has a baby strapped to his chest. Second panel features silhouette of a mother bear chasing a man with a bear cub strapped to his chest.


  5. Two criminals wearing orange jumpsuits and ski masks break into a car, setting off alarm. Across the street pedestrians on the sidewalk and patrons sitting at a cafe patio don't seem to notice the crime.