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    dog Comics

  1. The top panel features a criminal cautiously approaching a gate with a beware of dog sign on it. The second panel features the same nervously shaking criminal approaching a glass door with a caution automatic door sticker on it.


  2. Two wet dogs on either side of a smart car and one puppy covered in suds standing on a platform above the car. All tree dogs are shaking and covering the car in soap and water.


  3. dog with a tie-dye bandanna around its neck stares curiously out the window of a hippy van driving down the road


  4. Dog on a leash is walking down the sidewalk, encounters patch of grass, starts to eat grass and gets scolded by his owner


  5. First panel features a confused mountain lion in a field looking down at a possum lying on it's back. Second panel features a mountain lion looking at chameleon in camouflage. Last panel features a mountain lion looking at the upper half of a corgi dog poking out of the grass.