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    far-fetched Comics

  1. woman with long, flowing hair lying down on bed has a grossed out expression while lightening flashes outside the bedroom window


  2. Two wet dogs on either side of a smart car and one puppy covered in suds standing on a platform above the car. All tree dogs are shaking and covering the car in soap and water.


  3. bull chases a man wearing a red mattress blowout sign down a city street


  4. Disheveled hitchhiker holds a sign that reads "Stranded, no family or support, need ride to Carlsbad". Meanwhile six people riding Segways zoom past the sad soul on the shoulder.


  5. First panel features silhouette of family walking through nature, dad has a baby strapped to his chest. Second panel features silhouette of a mother bear chasing a man with a bear cub strapped to his chest.