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    noisy Comics

  1. close-up of a residential roof with Christmas decorations and damage to the wood shingles and rain gutter


  2. view of the underside of the shopping cart rolling along the floor with one wheel turned at an odd angle and squealing


  3. pitch black panel containing sound effects in the following sequence: scruff, scruff, scruff, SLAM, OW!, CLATTA, CLAK, CLATTA, CLATTA, CRUNCH, sonnava, CLATTA, CLATTA, CRASH, CLACK, CLAK


  4. Two criminals wearing orange jumpsuits and ski masks break into a car, setting off alarm. Across the street pedestrians on the sidewalk and patrons sitting at a cafe patio don't seem to notice the crime.


  5. comic featuring man sleeping in hotel room suddenly waking up to the sound of clanking